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Indonesian Officials Visit Korea to Learn about E-Government
Date : 2016.07.21 Read : 5653
The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Korea offered an e-government capacity building programme for government officials from Indonesia that will last until July 28. The capacity building programme was designed to let the Indonesian officials experience digital services in Korea and share Korea’s experience and knowhow in building successful e-government systems.

This training programme is one of the follow-up measures after Korea and Indonesia signed a memorandum of understanding to launch the Korea-Indonesia E-Government Cooperation Center in Jakarta, strengthening the bilateral cooperation in the area of e-government between the two countries.

The Indonesian officials participating in the programme get to experience what Korea has gone through to make its e-government the best in the world. Sharing trials and errors as well as success stories in building advanced e-government systems, the participants have a chance to see first-hand what made Korea’s e-government what it is today.

In order to maximize the effect of the training, the programme is composed of a variety of activities, including lectures on ICT strategy, e-government policies and services, and narrowing digital gap; field trips to related agencies; and visits to ICT businesses.

In addition, the participating Indonesian officials are invited to a seminar along with Korean business leaders. During the seminar, Indonesian officials deliver presentations on their e-government policy; Korean business leaders present their ICT solutions that are successful in the global market. The seminar is expected for both sides to discuss ways of mutual cooperation for the years to come.

Working on practical e-government projects with Indonesia, the Ministry of the Interior is building up on its cooperative relations with the Indonesian government which is working hard to reform its administration and develop e-government systems in order to realize more transparent, efficient and democratic government. The Ministry of the Interior is planning to expand its cooperation beyond the Indonesian government to businesses and academics in Indonesia.