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Regional Development

More advanced administrative services and efficient operation of government

More advanced administrative services and efficient operation of government

More jobs, giving vitality to regional economy

  • MOIS, a competent Ministry in charge of regional development runs ‘The Local Public Job Program’, offering customized jobs to meet the needs of socially disadvantaged groups.
  • Job search for young professionals is supported by our Ministry in collaboration with local communities and businesses.
  • MOIS endeavors to create stable and market-oriented jobs through the support of grass-root village enterprises as well as social enterprises.

Giving more hope to small business operators

  • ‘The Hope Dream Loan’, a financial support project has been launched by the Ministry to provide small business operators opportunities for further growth.
  • We formulate policies related to the comprehensive management of local public service fees and local commodity price system.

Regional green growth initiatives

  • Pedestrian-friendly, green roads are created utilizing the unique local historic and cultural resources.
  • Our Ministry supports local governments to build green villages in order to promote energy saving and resource recycling.
  • ‘Local Green Competitiveness Index’ has been established by MOIS to accelerate regional green growth initiatives.

Bicycles as means of green transportation

  • MOIS in collaboration with local governments concentrate efforts on building scenic bicycle roads (127km) and urban bicycle roads around the country (2,175km).
  • To promote bike riding, we plan to select 10 bicycle-hub cities and promote public bicycle systems in university campuses, as well as national bicycle festivals, and road safety campaigns.