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Efficiency in Government Operation

Civil service capacity building through the efficient management of government

Government reorganization and efficiency

  • For the efficient government organizational management and pursuit of Korea's national agenda, MOIS carries out affairs related to organization restructuring and personnel allocation.
  • Our Ministry has consolidated the inter-agency collaboration system to maximize work efficiency among central government ministries.
  • Relevant policies and systems are revised to give other ministries greater flexibility in their organizational structures and personnel management.
  • In addition, some government organizations have been downsized by outsourcing selected government affairs to the private sector for increased productivity and efficiency.

Expanded online civil affairs services

  • MOIS has developed the Online Public Services (Minwon24), Korea’s e-government portal, providing 24-hour online services to every citizen anytime, anywhere. It aims to provide various online services including information on civil affairs, application and issuance of civil affairs documents without having to visit administrative offices.
  • Minwon24 received both domestic and international recognitions for its excellence in public service delivery, earning Korea’s 2010 Customer Satisfaction and Brand Survey Award and 2011 UN Public Service Award.

Customer-oriented administrative systems

  • For the enhancement of user convenience, our Ministry has simplified application procedures for 10 civil affairs services (e.g., resident registration, education and vehicle registration) most closely related to every daily life.
  • With over one million foreign residents and multicultural families (approx. population 180,000) living in Korea, multilingual application forms for specific services are offered, taking an inclusive approach to providing more convenient administrative services to a wide range of customers.