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International Cooperation

Korea is committed to sharing our experiences and technologies with the international community to reduce disaster risks for humanity.

As a result of recent climate change, natural disasters are becoming not only larger in scale, but more frequent. It is critical for countries to share their experience and technology to prevent such disasters, and for the international community to establish a system for cooperation and collaboration in times of large-scale disasters. Korea is contributing to the global effort to mitigate disaster risks by signing MOUs with other nations and international organizations, offering consultation for establishment of disaster management system, running pilot programs for system development, and organizing technology seminars and invitational training programs. Korea will continue to strive in its efforts to mitigate disasters around the world through strengthened international cooperation for disaster management.

Conclusion of MOUs

MOUs concluded with 13 countries (17 institutions) and two international organizations

Education program on disaster management

(NDTI’s international disaster risk reduction program)
Customized workshops and invitational training programs on disaster risk reduction for public officials from abroad
(599 people from 61 countries; as of Dec. 2017)

Disaster management consulting

Offering assistance in terms of professional disaster management knowledge and skills to the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam (Flood outbreak forecast & warning system, automatic precipitation warning facility), and Indonesia (System for quick dissemination of situation)

※ International Cooperation for Disaster and Safety Management

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