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Government Innovation

Realizing a Government of the People through Government Innovation

The Government of Korea launched the Government Innovation Master Plan, which takes a whole-of-government approach to promote the public interest through citizen-participation and trust-building.

Vision: Realizing a Government of the People

Goal: Promote the Public Interest through Citizen Participation and Trust-Building Ranking the top 19 in the OECD Better Life Index, the top 19 in the OECD Trust in Government Index and the 29th in the Corruption Perceptions Index

Three Main Strategies

Participation and cooperation+Social-ValueOriented Government(Budgeting, Performance Evaluation, Organizational Management, Personnel Management)+A trustworthy government

Key Commitments

RECOGNIZING the importance of 1) realizing social values; 2) promoting participation and cooperation; and 3) building a trustworthy government, the Government of Korea will

  • 1. REFORM the financial systems to pursue social values.
  • 2. ESTABLISH personnel, organizational and performance evaluation systems that make a difference in citizens’ lives.
  • 3. WORK with citizens to make policies that meet their needs.
  • 4. PURSUE an open government, fully disclosing information and sharing resources with the public.
  • 5. BREAK DOWN silos for the government to work better.
  • 6. WORK toward a fair and transparent public service that citizens want.
  • 7. CARRY OUT citizen-centered innovation in four areas of data, creativity, regulatory reform and zero waste of resources.

Pursuing Open Government in Partnership with Civil Society

The Government of Korea pursues open government in partnership with civil society to make government more transparent and accountable at the national and international level.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety joined OGP (Open Government Partnership) in 2011, an international initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. In collaboration with civil society, the Government of Korea co-created a multi-stakeholder forum, OGP Forum Korea to develop, implement and evaluate a biennial national action plan with concrete open government commitments.