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Measures to follow when the roads were flooded!
Date : 2023.07.07 Read : 3737
Measures to follow when the roads were flooded!
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# Detour the flooded roads!

Avoid manholes for your safety!
Manholes on the road can be detached or rise from the ground.

Refrain from driving at night!
It is difficult to check how much water flooded at night.
Also, avoid slopes where the current is rapid.

# Is your car in danger of flooding?

Drive to a safe place before the tire sinks more than 2/3.
(a standard for passanger cars)

Windows will not operate properly when electronic devices break down, So push the door hard to escape.
※ If the electronic devices still function even though your car is turned off,
you can open the windows or a sunroof. Open those beforehand in preparation for an emergency.

# Is your car already flooded?

Open the windows in advance to reduce the gap of water pressure of the inside and outside of the car,
so that you can open the door.

If your windows are closed, wait until the water pressure of
inside and outside of the car is reduced under 30cm and then escape promptly.
※The doors can be opened with the strength of 5th~6th graders.

the driver's actions for monsoons and downpours!
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