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Progress Report of the Comprehensive National Safety System
Date : 2023.11.14 Read : 2725
Progress Report of the Comprehensive National Safety System
Establishment of a National Disaster and Safety Management System that Works on Disaster Sites and is Prepared for New Risks
Change 01 Establishing a new crowd management system
Change 02 Enhancing on-site response capacities through inter-agency communication and collaboration
Change 03 Strengthening digital platform-based risk prediction and sharing system
Change 04 Improving disaster relief support and promoting a safety culture
National Safety System Reform

Change 01 A new crowd management system has been established.
A new system has been established to identify possible large crowds regardless of whether there is an organizer or not, and to ensure that safety measures are taken jointly by the relevant agencies.

Change 02 On-site response capacities have been enhanced through inter-agency communication and collaboration.
By promoting various systems improvements for communication and collaboration among disaster response agencies, we have strengthened on-site response capacities, including facilitating joint responses between agencies.

Change 03 Digital platform-based risk prediction and sharing system has been strengthened.
We have established various prediction systems to identify disaster signs in advance through the proactive collection and utilization of disaster safety data.

Change 04 Disaster relief support has been improved, and the safety culture has been promoted.
To meet the changing disaster environment and citizens’ expectations, we expanded the criteria for disaster damage and beneficiaries while also reactivating the public safety reporting.

Progress Report of the Comprehensive National Safety System
A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhanced Crowd Safety Management

Proactive Prevention
We will preemptively conduct joint pre-event safety management and inspections with the police, fire department and local governments even for events with no or unclear organizers, such as Halloween.
- Expand the safety management obligation of heads of local governments for events with unclear organizers
- Distribute strengthened guidelines for crowd safety management (3 times) and enhance on-site inspections
- Formulate local government-centered joint safety measures

Early Detection of Risks
We identify early signs of risk through various risk monitoring.
- IC-based on-site crowd management system
- 112 repeated report detection system
- Intelligent CCTV control
- Expand the operation of municipal disaster safety situation rooms

Collaboration-based rapid response
The police, fire department, coast guard, and local governments will share risk situations and respond quickly to crowding risks through a coordinated response.
- Deploy police and fire mutual aid officers
- Implement the Mutual Agency Dispatch Information Text Service during joint responses
- Establish random joint emergency rescue and EMS training for related agencies

Customized recovery support
We provide tailored psychological support to victims, their families, and witnesses, and implement recovery measures that fully respect the victims.
- Provide psychological recovery support tailored to individuals through the Central Psychological Recovery Support Team
- Guidelines and training for handling of large-scale disasters, including handling of bodies and lost articles
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