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Digital Government


  • Leading government innovation for a sustainable future by
    • Providing more integrated and customized services for the citizens
    • Promoting ethical and efficient use of digital technology
    • Strengthening private-public partnership

Digital Government Key Principles

    • Design and deliver digital services for the benefit of citizens
    • Innovate and optimize public administration
    • Ensure security, robustness, and reliability of digital services
    • Protect personal information and privacy
    • Promote sharing and utilizing public data
    • Enhance interoperability
    • Prevent potential duplication in government investment

International Recognition

  • The Korean Digital Government has been recognized by the international community for its excellence
    • Ranked 1st on the E-Participation Index (EPI) and 2nd on the E-Government
      Development Index (EGDI) of the 2020 United Nations (UN) E-Government Survey
    • Ranked 1st on the 2019 OECD Digital Government Index
    • Ranked 1st on the 2019 OECD OUR (open, useful and re-usable) Data Index

Digital Government Cooperation

  • The Government of Korea works closely with countries around the world to build a better digital government for all citizens and engages actively in international discussions on digital agenda to create a sustainable future for all

2017 Korea-Brazil e-government forum